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Great Tasting & The Start Of A
Healthy Ewe

Why buy ultra processed protein drinks and so called health drinks when you can be drinking something more natural... Sheep Milk

Available in a range of flavours or just as it comes whole sheep's milk.

It makes a great recovery drink after your workout or as a healthy indulgent treat.

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Packed full of goodness,
compare sheep milk against the rest

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An A2-type milk

Sheep milk contains A2 beta casein making it a natural A2-type milk that does not contain any A1 protein, unlike cow's or goat milk. Consuming A2 sheep milk can be a good dairy alternative for those with sensitive tummies who might experience digestive discomfort from A1 milk. 

Source of protein

With over double the protein content than cow or goat milk, drinking sheep milk is a great way to help you to get your regular daily allowance in.

Gentle on the stomach

Sheep milk takes approximately only around 45 minutes to digest, compared with cow's milk that takes up to four hours. Fast and easy digestion makes sheep milk great for gut health.

Higher vitamin content

Sheep milk is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains 4 times the vitamin C, 3 times more vitamin E and double the thiamin than goat and cow's milk.

B12 and Folic Acid

Sheep milk is higher in B12 and contains 5 times the folic acid than goat and cow's milk, making it a great source of folate, which helps make DNA and other genetic material in the body.


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