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Cheese and Milk from the Scottish Highlands

About Us

Who are we? Find out more about us below.

The People Behind Hargreaves Farming Co

We are a family of first-generation farmers who embarked on an exciting journey from South Derbyshire to the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Our passion for sustainable agriculture led us to establish a unique venture—a sheep dairy and hill sheep farming business.

With our young family in tow, we embraced the challenge of starting from scratch, building all the milking and processing infrastructure from the ground up. Our combined expertise and diverse backgrounds have been invaluable in shaping our farm and ensuring its success.

Joe, drawing from his experience in cow dairy farming, brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our enterprise. He is responsible for the well-being of our flock and ensures that the sheep are healthy and productive. Joe's dedication and expertise in milking play a crucial role in maintaining the high quality of our dairy products.

Ellen, on the other hand, grew up on her father's smallholding, fostering a deep appreciation for sustainable farming practices. Her passion for artisanal food production led her to specialise in cheese-making. Ellen's talent and creativity shine through in the delectable cheeses she crafts, using the finest milk from our cherished flock.

Together, we have created a harmonious partnership that harmonises traditional farming techniques with modern sustainability principles. Our commitment to the land, our animals, and our customers is unwavering. We prioritise the well-being of our flock and practice responsible land stewardship, ensuring the long-term health and vitality of our farm.

At our sheep dairy, we believe in the importance of connecting with nature, supporting local communities, and providing our customers with wholesome, nutritious products. We take pride in offering you a range of artisanal cheeses made with love and care. Each bite is a testament to our dedication and the exceptional quality of our sheep's milk.

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