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Introducing Hardy Shepherd: A Manchego-style Cheese made in the Scottish Highlands.


Experience the harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and the unparalleled terroir of the Scottish Highlands with our exquisite Hardy Shepherd cheese. Made in the style of the renowned Manchego cheese, this exceptional creation showcases the rich flavors and unique characteristics derived from the milk of our farm's very own sheep.


Crafted amidst the breathtaking landscapes and crisp air of the Scottish Highlands, Hardy Shepherd embodies the essence of our sustainable, pasture-raised flock. With an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, our skilled artisans meticulously transform the purest milk into a cheese that captures the heart and soul of this remarkable region.


Hardy Shepherd embraces the time-honored techniques of Manchego cheese production while harnessing the natural resources and distinct grasses found in the Scottish Highlands. The result is a cheese with a captivating complexity of flavors and textures, paying homage to the heritage of Manchego while boasting its own distinctive Highland character.


As you indulge in a slice of Hardy Shepherd, you'll savor its smooth, firm texture, adorned with a beautiful, golden-hued natural rind. The cheese's ivory-colored paste unfolds with a delightful balance of nutty sweetness and hints of earthiness, reminiscent of the lush pastures our sheep call home. Each bite imparts a unique sense of terroir, reflecting the wild herbs and aromatic plants that thrive in our Highland landscape.


Versatile and captivating, Hardy Shepherd is a cheese that can be enjoyed in various ways. Pair it with crusty artisan bread, allowing the cheese to melt slightly and release its rich aromas. Explore the realm of culinary creativity by grating it over pasta dishes or incorporating it into your favorite recipes for a truly elevated gastronomic experience.


At our farm, sustainability and animal welfare are at the core of our values. By choosing Hardy Shepherd, you support our commitment to ethical farming practices and the preservation of the natural environment. Every bite of this exceptional cheese is a testament to our dedication to excellence and the authentic flavors born from our Highland heritage.


Discover the taste of Scottish Highlands in every bite with Hardy Shepherd, a remarkable Manchego-style cheese that embodies the essence of our land, our sheep, and our passion for exceptional dairy craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the flavors of nature and embark on a culinary journey like no other.


Ideally paired with sparkling whites or a dry sherry.


These are sold as either; 1/8th (180-199grams) , 1/4 (290-380g), 1/2 Truckles (580-620g) and Whole Truckles (1.1-1.4Kg)


The cheese in the photo is 1/8th slice.

Hardy Shepherd

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